Building a house soon! - Ideas, Plans & Inspirations


I can’t help myself from being excited to our new home in the future, as of now, we’re still planning on how our house to look like and what materials are we going to use. Internet is a great source of inspiration and I can’t stop myself from seeing pretty good things because there were so plenty of them and I just have to choose one. I have so many ideas and inspirations in my mind right now and I can’t wait to show you guys what’s up with our daily check up into our new house progress.

They said that building a house will take 8 months to 1 year or more depends on the materials, quality and other future things that may happen while construction. So, I’m being very impatient when it comes to that because I know I’m that kind of a person who wants everything to be in my hands very quickly.


Waiting will be worth it, I know, even if it will take years, it’ll still happen - by the excited me.


There are few ideas that I have in my stacks right now that I got in Google, Pinterest and other social media websites. I can’t wait to show you my ideas & inspirations. Thanks god for the images, they blew up my mind and finally, my creative juices has gotten widen by the stuff I’ve seen online, hope our architect is okay with all the images I showed to him.


Facade Ideas


We have 5-6 cars so we need the whole area at the lower ground as a garage to fit in all our cars.

Love, Steph