Happy #ANDTH3NSOME at Revel: And Then Some's 3rd Anniversary

Screen Shot 2018-12-16 at 5.42.35 AM.png

It’s been a lit night because it is Revel’s 3rd Anniversary and it was also my first time booking my own VIP table.

I’m a Globe Platinum subscriber and was entitled to have complimentary VIP or Pool View Tables every Wednesday and Thursday at Revel, Bad and The Island. For me it was a good deal and a perk because I do always go to parties alone or with friends and so far I loved how being a Platinum subscriber did made me feel like important and special.

With everything happened that night, I saw a bunch of niglets that I know that I have no idea that I will be able to meet them again that night.

First of, the Bawal Clan group, I saw them together with Chris (Manila Money) who is a member and I greeted him because I felt like he also knows me via facebook.

I also so my college batchmates and classmates who are also friends with the Bawal Clan.

Curtismith and Bret Jackson from Careless Manila was there also which I have no idea that they will be performing.

I know Curtismith since the time he wasn’t discovered yet and seen him rap in small bars or pubs and we’ve talked and hang out together that much already so it’s a win and I miss the guy na.



Love, Steph